Buhooth Overview

Individuals planning to undertake research in PHCC must seek prior approval from PHCC’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). Where a research budget is required, a request must be submitted to the Research Budget Working Group (RBWG) together with the research application.

Buhooth is PHCC’s online research submission portal. It is designed to:

  • Be a single point of contact for all research submission related information
  • Guide principal investigators (PIs) on the documentary requirements related to submissions
  • Reduce processing timelines
  • Allow real time tracking of applications

Research Submission

To submit an IRB application, please follow the below steps:

  • Establish the type of research submission
  • Download the relevant submission forms using links provided below
  • Establish the list of forms that need to be submitted using the checklist included
  • Complete the required submission forms in accordance with guidance included in each document
  • Principal Investigator to submit application on Buhooth