A key priority for PHCC is to build research capacity, in terms of both the generation of research and its utilisation. The Department of Clinical Research contributes to this by supporting interested PHCC staff enhance their skills and competencies, and processes in PHCC, to conduct impactful research that is useful.

The department’s capacity-building initiatives offer opportunities across a range of experience levels and help further developing PHCC’s community of researchers. The training and support initiatives provided by the department of clinical research for PHCC staff are listed below.

1. LMS 365 module

PHCC has developed an online module titled ‘Engaging in Clinical Research at PHCC’ which is hosted on PHCC’s LMS 365. The module provides an overview of PHCC’s research governance processes and submission requirements.

Completion of the module by the principal investigator (PI) is mandatory to submit a research application (a certificate of complete must be submit with a research application).

Where the PI is not affiliated to PHCC, it is mandatory for a PHCC affiliated member of the research team to complete.


2. Research Methodology Training

The department of clinical research provides a 4-week research methodology training program annually. The training course provides experiential learning wherein PHCC staff are supported in developing their research idea into a research proposal under the guidance of experienced colleagues.

Interested PHCC staff can express their interest in the training by registering here.


3. Health Centre Research Champion Program 

The health centre (HC) research champions program is an important initiative within PHCC wherein an individual is the primary contact person for all matters related to research in their designated health centre. This includes:

  • Identification of research priorities
  • Identification of training needs.
  • Provision of advice to colleagues on IRB submission requirements.
  • Provision of clinical expertise where required by the department.
  • Provision HC specific operational advice/support.
  • Communication and dissemination of clinical research information within the HC

Click here for contact details of HC research champions.


4. Research Networking Program

Potential investigators, within or outside PHCC, who have a potential research idea and seek support and collaboration in executing can request for support from the department through the research networking program. The department will review requirements and identify resources to support and facilitate the research project.

If you would like to request for research support or collaboration, please submit a completed research collaboration request form.